Our Values at Happywrap®

We don’t claim to be perfect, but we do promise to keep striving for better.  Hunting out the most ethical and eco-friendly options we can find to bring you a feel-good selection of gift wrapping goodness.  From its beginnings, Happywrap has grown from our first product – fabric reusable gift wraps – to now offering fair trade handmade paper, recycled card gift tags and boxes made in the UK. Our new range of 100% recycled paper gift wrapping printed also in the UK using vegetable-based inks will be available in 2016.

Meet the founder of Happywrap®

“Never throw anything away”. Many times I heard my Uncle say these words, growing up in a busy farming household in the Devonshire countryside.  There was always something in the sewing pile waiting to be repaired and numerous interesting objects kept until a use could be found for them.  My Granddad, as well as being a farmer, had been an accomplished dressmaker, creating patterns and dresses for my Grandma, Mother and Aunts with meticulous craftsmanship.  I was always intrigued by the neatness of the sewing and the beautiful fabrics.

Looking back it seems inevitable that this love of beautiful materials coupled with the desire to make the best use of natures resources, led to the creation of Happywrap®.

Wendy Derrick BA Hons

‘Never throw anything away’

‘Never throw anything away’

The Happywrap® Story…

Giving and receiving gifts is exciting.  But getting in a mess with sticky tape, accidentally tearing the paper and seeing that beautiful wrapping quickly descend into nothing more than waste paper is not so good. Although much thought may have gone into the gift itself, the wasteful wrapping seems to cheapen the act of giving. It deserves something better.

Inspiration sprung from a famous old English Folk tale called Dick Whittington, where our hero is characterised by carrying his worldly belongings wrapped in a red and white handkerchief.  Before paper was so readily available, many cultures would have used fabric to wrap all sorts of things and it would have been used many times over.  In Japan the art of wrapping with fabric is called Furoshiki.

There are many different knots and techniques for fabric wrapping, but something simpler was needed.  Something that could secure the fabric and add that touch of elegance that every gift-giving occasion deserves.  Ribbons!  Neatly attached to the fabric, in a similar way to how string was used to secure parcels years ago, crossed over and tied in a bow. Beautiful.

Ethical and Eco-friendly Gift Wrap from Happywrap®

As the old saying goes, what goes around comes around, so give a Happywrap® with your next gift and it will pass on from person to person, around family and friends, spreading a smile on its way that will most likely make its way back to you!